ACPP Diplomate

Elevate Your Practice by Attaining Diplomate Status. Become a Board Certified Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist (CCPP) with ACPP 

Are you a dedicated member of The Association of Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapists (ACPP) seeking to reach the pinnacle of excellence in your pastoral psychotherapy career? Embrace the opportunity to become a Board Certified Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist (CCPP) and earn the prestigious title of Diplomate. 

Requirements for CCPP Certification: 

  1. Active ACPP Membership: 
  • Be an ACPP member in good standing, committed to the principles and values of the association. 
  1. Master’s or Doctoral Degree in a Related Field: 
  • Hold a recognized degree in a spiritually integrated psychotherapeutic field. 
  1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae: 
  • Present a comprehensive overview of your professional journey, highlighting key achievements and experiences. 
  1. Two Case Conferences: 
  • Showcase your practical skills through detailed case conferences, using the template provided in the application. 
  1. Demonstrated Mastery of ACPP Standards: 
  • Articulate your mastery of ACPP Standards through well-crafted competency essays. 
  1. Autobiographical Statement (3-5 pages): 
  • Share your spiritual journey, self-awareness, self-reflection, and integrative understanding of psycho-dynamic and spiritual development. 
  1. 1600-Hour Internship or Residency: 
  • Accumulate hands-on experience through an internship or residency in Clinical Pastoral Education, Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy, or a related spiritually-integrated psychotherapeutic internship. 
  1. Additional 200-Hour CPP Specific Unit: 
  • Complete a cohort or experiential internship, adding depth and specificity to your skill set. 
  1. Committee Approval: 
  • Successfully meet with a committee that either approves your CCPP candidacy or provides recommendations for improvement. 

How to Achieve Diplomate Status: 

  1. Prepare Your Application: 
  • Gather all required documents, including your resume, case conferences, competency essays, and autobiographical statement. 
  1. Complete the Online Application Form: 
  • Visit the ACPP website and fill out the CCPP certification application form, providing detailed information about your qualifications and experiences. 
  1. Pay Annual Dues: 
  • Ensure your commitment to excellence by paying the annual Diplomate dues of $250.  
  1. Committee Review: 
  • Successfully meet the committee for CCPP approval, paving the way for your board certification. 

Embrace the Prestige of Diplomate Status 

Annual Dues of $250 for Diplomates ensure ongoing support and recognition from ACPP. As a Board Certified Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist, you join an elite group of pastoral psychotherapists who have demonstrated exceptional skills, knowledge, and dedication.  

Elevate your pastoral psychotherapy practice and attain Diplomate status with ACPP. Join the ranks of those recognized for excellence in the field, and let your CCPP certification be a testament to your commitment to the highest standards of pastoral psychotherapy.