About ACPP

Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy (CPP) is an approach to counseling and psychotherapy that integrates pastoral care, spiritual guidance, and psychological principles. It is often practiced within a healthcare or clinical setting and involves trained professionals who are both mental health practitioners and clergy or spiritual leaders.

Here are some key aspects of Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy:

Integration of Spirituality and Psychology: CPP seeks to address the spiritual and psychological dimensions of individuals simultaneously. Practitioners in this field often draw from both religious or spiritual traditions and psychological theories to provide holistic care.

Pastoral Care and Counseling: Pastoral care traditionally involves providing spiritual and emotional support within a religious or spiritual context. In CPP, this care extends to include counseling techniques and psychological interventions to address mental health issues.

Training: Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapists typically undergo specialized training that combines education in mental health counseling, psychotherapy, and pastoral care. This training equips them to work with individuals who may be dealing with a wide range of issues, including grief, trauma, and existential questions.

Healthcare Settings: CPP is often practiced in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, hospices, and counseling centers, where individuals may be facing medical challenges or dealing with issues related to illness and mortality.

Ethical and Spiritual Considerations: Practitioners in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy are often guided by ethical principles and spiritual values. They may help individuals explore the meaning of their experiences, find purpose, and navigate difficult life situations from a spiritual and psychological perspective.

It’s important to note that the specific practices and approaches within Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy can vary, as practitioners may come from different religious traditions or spiritual backgrounds. The integration of spirituality and psychology in this field aims to offer a comprehensive approach to mental health and well-being.