The Association of Certified Pastoral Psychotherapists (ACPP) is a membership and certification organization whose mission is to provide spiritually informed psychotherapy and integrated counseling, training, and community-based activities to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. ACPP represents and sets professional practice standards for the Pastoral Psychotherapist community.

Pastoral psychotherapy uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. Certified pastoral psychotherapists are licensed mental health professionals who have also had in-depth religious education or training. Pastoral psychotherapists are non-sectarian and respect the spiritual commitments, theological perspectives, and religious traditions of those who seek assistance without imposing beliefs onto the client.

ACPP membership is open to individuals who embrace its mission and desire to increase their professional capacity to provide spiritually informed psychotherapy. ACPP offers vital continuing education opportunities to facilitate professional growth, provides specialized training and supervision in pastoral psychotherapy, and encourages networks for professional support and enrichment. Those who wish to be certified as Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapists can view the certification requirements on the Certification page

Our Certificates

ACPP Affiliate

Affiliate membership is open to anyone who supports the mission and has an interest in the intersection of spirituality and psychotherapy.


ACPP Associate

ACPP Associates possess a Bachelor’s Degree and are in pursuit of graduate level education.


ACPP Fellow

ACPP Fellows possess a Masters and Doctorate Degree in a spirituality or psychotherapy related field.


ACPP Diplomate

ACPP Diplomates possess a Master’s or Doctorate Degree and have completed the requirements to become a Certified Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist (CCPP).