ACPP Affiliates

ACPP Affiliate membership is open to anyone who supports the mission of ACPP and has an interest in the intersection of spirituality and clinical psychotherapy. Annual Dues are $100 for ACPP Affiliates.

ACPP Associate

ACPP Associates possess a Bachelor’s Degree and are in pursuit of graduate level education in a field related to spirituality or psychotherapy. Annual Dues are $125 for ACPP Associates.

ACPP Fellow

ACPP Fellows possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a spirituality or psychotherapy related field. Annual Dues are $200 for ACPP Fellows.

ACPP Diplomate

Annual Dues are $250 for Diplomates. Diplomates are bestowed the board certification letters of CCPP.

ACPP Institutions

ACPP Institutions is open to institutions that support the mission of ACPP. ACPP Institutions pay an annual fee of $200. Members of ACPP institutions receive a discount off their annual dues.